Vehicle maintenance is one of the most important aspects of car ownership. Proper service and repairs will help your car to retain its resale value and prevent future breakdowns, all while keeping you more protected on the road. No one wants to worry about the quality of service they are receiving. That's why Buick offers Certified Service. Specially trained and expert technicians will take care of your vehicle when you choose Certified Service, a guarantee that you're getting the best of the best.

Buick Certified Service refers to the quality of maintenance and repairs you receive when you visit a Buick dealership. For instance, technicians that work on your car have been specially trained and certified to work on Buick models. They understand every detail of your car, which means there's no guess work. Certified Service also includes special offers, unique tire care, information on auto care, and Genuine GM Parts.
Technicians will provide you with a service schedule in order to make routine maintenance simpler. For example, technicians use an Oil Life System (OLS) to determine when you need new oil by measuring oil degradation over time. If you have a new Buick, you may also qualify for Experience Buick Protection to help cover the cost of some services. Additionally, 2011 and newer Buick models with OnStar may have access to special diagnostics software to alert you to any potential problems. 
Certified Service also includes the exclusive use of high-quality Genuine GM Parts. These parts are specially made for your Buick, which means they are guaranteed to be compatible. While junk-yard parts may cost less, they are often of lesser quality. Genuine GM Parts often save you more in the long run by ensuring quality. Plus, when using Genuine GM Parts, you won't void any warranties.

Buick also provides extensive information on maintenance, parts, and repairs for drivers who want to learn more about their car before paying for services. For some of the best automotive maintenance and repairs around, stop by Trent Buick GMC for trusted Buick Certified Service.