Certified Service means that every technician that works on your car has been specially trained and certified to do so. GMC technicians know your car from bumper to bumper, expertise that helps with diagnosing and fixing issues. There are other perks to choosing GMC Certified Service as well. For instance, you get access to special offers, and technicians only use Genuine GM Parts. Not only are such parts high quality, but they also ensure that you don't accidently void any warranties.
One perk of GMC Certified Service is that qualifying technicians can provide you with a more accurate service schedule. Using technologies such as the Oil Life System (OLS) to measure oil deterioration in your engine, GMC technicians can give you a more precise schedule for oil changes. GMC Certified Service also offers professional maintenance via GMC Pro Grade Protection, helping to cover some, if not all of your maintenance needs.
Certified Service also provides you access to the GMC Owner Center, allowing you to stay up to date on vehicle service history and view information on your warranty. You can also track recalls with the Owner Center, get personalized diagnostics reports via OnStar, and view an online owner's manual for detailed information on service and repairs.

For unparalleled vehicle service and repairs, consider GMC Certified Service. Visit Trent Buick GMC to learn more or to schedule maintenance today. After all, it's important to bring your vehicle in regularly in order to extend the life of your car, prevent breakdowns, and improve resale value.